What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You?

Decode the telltale signs and learn how you can put an end to niggling issues.

Did you know that a puffy lower lip can pinpoint a sluggish digestive system? And that excessive yawning often means you have low blood sugar? Your body can’t chit-chat, blurt or shriek out its complaints and requests, so instead it tries to grab your attention with subtle hints and clues. However, are you hearing what your body is striving to tell you? Moreover, do you have any idea the things to look for? Here, we reveal the top body signs, their meanings and what to do about them.

White or light pink inside the lower eyelid

Meaning: “Although, Western medical tests may indicate your iron levels are okay, lower eyelid colour indicates a problem absorbing iron, or that you are borderline anaemic,” says Ayurvedic practitioner Raman Das Mahatyagi.

Fix it: “Add carrot, spinach and beetroot to your diet in any form – juiced, grated, steamed for 41 days. Mandarins, soy beans, roasted or cooked chickpeas and almonds are also helpful.” Also, try to include lean red meat in your diet, as it’s an important source of iron.


Meaning: Yeast overgrowth, and/or essential fatty acids, vitamin B6 and/or selenium deficiencies.

Fix it: In her book, You Are What You Eat (Penguin, $25.95), naturopath and nutritionist Dr Gillian McKeith recommends two dessertspoons of flaxseed oil a day; drinking two cups of the anti-fungal herb pau d’arco as a tea (avoid if pregnant) or taking it in capsule form (three, taken twice daily); immediately reducing your intake of sugary foods; eating foods high in enzymes; and washing your hair with chamomile or tea-tree shampoos. “After washing, rinse with one cup cider vinegar and 10 drops of peppermint oil.”

Tinea and other fungal infections

Meaning: Candida or gut flora imbalance.

Fix it: Naturopath, medical herbalist, nutritionist and Elixir author Janella Purcell (Allen & Unwin, $29.95) recommends acidophilus, anti-fungal and immune-boosting herb pau d’arco (avoid if pregnant), and anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting echinacea.

Women with long fingers and hands

Meaning: “She’s often very emotional, unstable and a perfectionist,” says Mahatyagi. “This type of person has sensitive adrenal function and is more prone to tiredness and broken sleep.”

Help it: Eat pine nuts, pistachios, cashews and a high-protein diet with red meat and seafood. Also, drink a cup of warm water with a quarter slice of lime every morning before breakfast.

Excessive yawning and sighing

Meaning: Not enough energy and/or low blood sugar levels.

Fix it: Take a teaspoon of spirulina powder, morning and afternoon, plus 15 drops of ginseng tincture in a tiny amount of water after meals to help regulate your blood sugar levels, says McKeith.

Red, flushed face

Meaning: Too much rising heat in the body.

Fix it: “Reduce ‘heating’ foods, drinks and substances such as alcohol, coffee, red meat, refined wheat and sugar, drugs of any kind, cigarettes and too much stress and work,” says Purcell.