Our Team

Our network consists of dedicated volunteers (students, educators, government, organisations) from across the United States. They have provided their e-mail addresses and areas of interests to assist you in your studies. Feel free to contact them. We are always willing to help (coming soon!).

  • Rob Turgano – Health communications, web design, public outreach, founder of thegreenpages.org
  • Stephen Lockwood – Events Coordinator
  • Catherine Joseph – Wetlands, Environmental Assessments, Ecology, Restoration.
  • Krista Hellen – Medical Science, Native Studies.
  • Tracey Trumph – Forestry, Envirothon, Community capacity building.
  • Lynda Missey – contributor
  • Leslie Johnson – The Natural Step Ontario
  • Curt Smith – web site reviews
  • Preet Kursal – Media Specialist