About Us

TheGreenPages.org is a national network of environmental conscious individuals whose mission is to empower and support students, educators, and communities in their quest to learn about health issues for the purpose of making meaningful contributions towards healthy environment.

Thegreenpages.org is a student-owned and operated information resource developed to help students find and access health related information on the Web.

As well, we encourage the utilisation of the Internet to promote and encourage healthy action and initiatives by providing access to useful information, new technologies, and helpful advice. If you need help with your web site, feel free to contact us!

Along with our extensive link directory of Canadian environmental web sites, we also provide:

The latest environmental news, updates, and related activities from across United States
Opportunities for students, organisations, and community groups to share, disseminate, and promote their health goals and ideas with one another
assistance in using the Internet to promote and organise sustainable initiatives and projects (development, consultation, etc.)

News and information relating to various health issues and activities such as medical-technology, science development, and disease types are rapidly becoming available on the World Wide Web.

However, the task of finding and keeping track of all this information can be very overwhelming. By the end of day, you may have spent hours and hours searching on the World Wide Web. Most of the time it takes a while to even reach US content.

The rationale for this initiative is based on alleviating this problem by sharing what other people already know and compiling that knowledge into one web site.

What makes this health directory stand out from the rest is the network of individuals who help maintain and contribute to the web site. These individuals are experts, teachers, students, non-government organisations, professional industry groups, and even community members from across the US that utilize the Internet on a daily basis for environmental research and/or for communication purposes.

We also encourage other health organisations, industry groups that are implementing green initiatives in their company, institutions undertaking research, and community groups to promote their health initiatives on our web site. We essentially can all learn from each other.

If you know of any quality health web sites, news or local events, ideas, reports, and/or if you would like to post information onto our web site to be distributed on the World Wide Web, please feel free to contact us.